Joshua Batty


Generative Sensory Stimulus

Mindbuffer was invited to speak at the first instalment of the public talk series from SIAL Sound Studios. Myself and Mitchell Nordine presented the evolution of MindBuffer and why we felt the need to develop custom tools instead of using off the shelf software to realise our creative vision. Also includes live demonstrations MindBuffer’s generative music software (Jen) and realtime audiovisual granular synthesis software (Kortex) as well as others.

Pause Fest - Project Pixel Squared

I was invited along with Richard De Souza, Kit Webster and Sean Healy to sit on a panel discussing modern realtime visual techniques and audio visual installations as part of the 2015 Pause Festival in Melbourne. Was really great to be involved in and share ideas / techniques with fellow realtime visual ninjas.

History of Audiovisual Explorations

Presenting my PhD research into the history of humanities explorations into creating synaesthetic relationships between sound and image. Covering approaches from Isaac Newton up until the present day.